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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer? Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-934-5771 to chat with an admissions specialist.

Q. What types of programs does Medical Careers Prep Academy offer?

A. Medical Careers Prep Academy offers affordable training program options designed to meet the growing long-term care needs of allied health professionals. Our short-term training programs can help you enter a rewarding career, earn more money, or give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Q. Does Medical Careers Prep Academy accept transfer credits?

A. An individual that is enrolled in a program at Medical Careers Prep Academy will not receive credit, therefore there is no guarantee of transfer of credits.

Q. What type of hands-on learning will I receive?

A. There are significant advantages to hands-on learning. Medical Careers Prep Academy mimics hands-on activities in a real-world scenario setting allowing opportunity for instant feedback, instruction and critique. Hands-on training can expose students to challenges and obstacles they might encounter. Working through these scenarios in an educational setting will allow students to master those skills translating into job skills for a prospective employer.

Q. When will I receive my textbook or other study materials?

A. Each program includes a physical textbook with the ability to access study guides online in a personal student portal. All materials will be available to you with 24 hours of enrollment. Subsequent study guides will be available in a timely manner based on the start of each scheduled course session.

Q. How are assignments and grades handled?

A. All assignments and grades are accessible through the Student Portal. Quiz and exam grades are recorded and stored in the Student Portal for each individual student.

Q. How do I balance a full-time job, family and coursework?

A. You are not alone as most of our students lead full lives while balancing a family and full-time job. The best option solely depends on what your career goals are. Our flexible short-term programs can help you achieve your personal goals while focusing on family and a career. Our dedicated team is available to assist with you mastering your skills and providing convenient and affordable options that work with your complicated schedules.

Q. How much does it cost to go to Medical Careers Prep Academy?

A. Tuition costs vary by program. Each program has its own affordable tuition with a combination of grants, interest free payment plan options and loans available to those who qualify. For more information call an admissions representative at 1-800-934-5771.

Q. Will I receive a discount if I pay my tuition in full?

A. Students can pay in full and receive a discount on the program. In order to receive the discount, the program will have to be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

Q. Why are your programs so inexpensive?

A. We believe that higher education and career aspirations should empower students not hinder them. We have created short-term programs in effort to give every person an opportunity in pursuing an affordable education.

Q. Do you accept financial aid?

A. Medical Careers Prep Academy does not offer financial aid.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Our goal is to provide student satisfaction for all students at Medical Careers Prep Academy. Currently we offer a generous refund policy. Please contact us at 1-800-934-5771 for details.

Q. What are the admissions requirements for Medical Careers Prep Academy Inc.?

A. To be eligible for admission into our programs prospective students must be 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or equivalency (GED).

Our diploma programs are offered in the English language only. A prospective student must be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language with clarity.

Q. Does Medical Careers Prep Academy accept International students?

A. Medical Careers Prep Academy does not enroll students that reside outside of the United States.

Q. Classes start soon or have already started. Is it too late to enroll?

A. You may still be able to enroll if classes even if classes have already started. Please call one of our admissions representative at your earliest convenience at 1-800-934-5771.

Q. Can I enroll online?

A. All enrollment applications must be completed in person. Please contact one of our admissions representatives at 1-800-934-5771. Classes are filled on a first come first served basis.

Q. Do I need an appointment to meet with an admissions representative?

A. An appointment is required to meet with an admissions representative. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday during business hours.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Once you have decided to enroll, you will be asked to complete an enrollment application and pay a $50.00 registration fee. All prospective students will be given an option to pay in full or to enter a payment plan arrangement that fits your budget.

Q. Are the programs offered at Medical Careers Prep Academy Inc. licensed?

A. Medical Careers Prep Academy Inc. and its educational programs are licensed and approved by the Division of Higher and Career Education, and The Pennsylvania Department Education. https://www.education.pa.gov

Q. What experience do your instructors have?

A. Medical Careers Prep Academy instructors are selected specifically because of their scope of knowledge and their extensive experience in their field. All of our instructors bring real-world experience into the classroom. Our low student to teacher ratio maximizes the personal attention and future success of each of our students.

Q. Do you offer help in career placement?

A. At Medical Careers Prep Academy, your career success is our goal. We don’t currently offer career placement services; however, our dedicated staff is here to assist you with finding job opportunities and preparing you for your future.

Q. How do you protect student’s information?

A. We use industry standard measures to ensure that all student personal information is kept confidential.

Q. What is hemodialysis?

A. Hemodialysis is the removal of patient blood, fluid and toxins through a Semi Permeable membrane. Hemodialysis is for those diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease.

Q. How long does it take to complete the dialysis training program?

A. For students who would like to complete the program as quickly as possible can attend week day classes four days a week from 10am to 2pm completing the program in as little as 8 weeks.

Q. Can I attend evening classes or weekend classes?

A. Students who attend the evening or weekend program will complete the program in 16 weeks. The evening class meets two evenings per week from 6pm to 10pm. A weekend would consist of a Saturday class starting at 9am and running until 5pm.

Q. What skills will I learn in the Introduction to Hemodialysis Program?

A. While most technician training has historically been done “on the job,” today’s healthcare employers are seeking well-trained technicians who possess the necessary knowledge and skills to fill the growing number of positions. Our program is designed to prepare students for the National Certification exam through didactic theory and hands-on training, preparing students with the relevant job training required to work and become Certified as an entry-level Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician, CCHT or CHT.

Q. Where can a Hemodialysis Technician seek employment?

A. As kidney failure continues to be a growing national health problem, kidney disease is driving the demand for well-trained dialysis technicians. Hemodialysis technicians are employed in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and other medical facilities.

Q. Upon completion of the Introduction to Hemodialysis Program am I qualified to immediately enter the field as a Hemodialysis Technician?

A Graduates of this program will be qualified to immediately perform all aspects of direct patient care in a hemodialysis facility under the supervision of an RN. A Hemodialysis Certification must be obtained within 18 months of hire.

Q. What are the Certification requirements to become a Hemodialysis Technician?

A. Certification can be obtained at the state and national level. To receive national certification, dialysis technicians can go through one of several organizations such as the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC) or the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT). National licensing requires that candidates work in the field for a specified amount of time and then pass an exam.

State certification rules vary. For states that require dialysis technicians to obtain a certification, individuals will generally need to complete an approved program and then pass a state exam.

Q. Upon completion of the Introduction to Hemodialysis Program am I qualified to immediately enter the field as a Hemodialysis Technician?

A. Graduates of this program will be qualified to immediately perform all aspects of direct patient care in a hemodialysis facility under the supervision of an RN. A Hemodialysis Certification must be obtained within 18 months of hire.

Q. What are the class sizes like?

A. Classes are maintained at fewer than 20 students. This allows Medical Careers Prep Academy to offer the best learning experience possible and fosters an environment that allows one on one interaction.