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Career Services

Assistance at School and Beyond Graduation…

At Medical Careers Prep Academy, we take pride in preparing our students for rewarding and successful careers in the health-care field. Although we do not guarantee the placement of graduates, we are devoted to the education, certification, and successful job placement of each student.

While no school can guarantee employment, our ultimate goal is to actively assist each graduate enabling students to take active responsibility for their career decisions and job search.

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Preparing you for the job search

The hands-on experience an intern receives in a professional environment is invaluable and can’t be duplicated in a classroom setting. This alone makes this one of the most important benefits of an internship. Those hands-on experiences help students not only with specialized skills of a particular field but also lead to job opportunities fully opening the door to career success upon graduation.

Our educational mission at Medical Careers Prep Academy is to provide Work Integrated Learning through the implementation of Internship; establishing a connection between post-secondary education and the workplace.

You are in high demand

The growing and aging population that will require increasing care is driving the demand for well-trained healthcare technicians. A persistent shortage of skilled workers many positions will remain unfilled. Since having a job in the field is essential piece to making it an attractive career path, our staff will always be on the lookout for job openings that help facilitate your career goals. At Medical Careers Prep Academy, we work hard to maintain and expand relationships with local employers in order to identify job opportunities for our graduates.

Our short-term student-focused curriculum will ensure that you will have the right classroom instruction and hands-on experience to prepare you for a successful professional career.